Real Estate and Venture Capital-Fueled Innovation for the Future Campus

Real Estate and Venture Capital-Fueled Innovation for the Future Campus

Recorded On: 05/16/2023


There have been two major waves of college and university campus construction in recent history: the first beginning in the 1950s and the second in the early 2000s. It is expected that buildings from both eras will require substantial reinvestment to accommodate future students and faculty. This session explores the campus of the future, with engineered spaces fueled by private capital that are designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and community.

Gina Jacobs

Associate Vice President, Mission Valley Development, San Diego State University

Gina Jacobs serves as associate vice president for Mission Valley development at San Diego State University (SDSU). She has a leading role in shaping and executing the university's strategy to develop the Mission Valley site. Jacobs previously served as chief of staff, serving as a senior advisor to the university president and participating in a wide variety of administrative and executive duties, special projects, and initiatives. Prior to joining SDSU, Jacobs planned and implemented communication and media strategy in both the public and private sectors. Her experience includes community and government affairs, media relations, crisis communications, and social media strategy. Jacobs graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor's degree in journalism (2001) and a master's degree in mass communication and media studies (2010).

Kathy King-Griswold

Associate Treasurer and Director of Treasury Operations and Compliance, University of Rochester

Kathy King-Griswold, Ed.D., CTP and CBM, is the associate treasurer and director of treasury operations and compliance at the University of Rochester. Her areas of responsibility include strategic planning for debt, capital, and other treasury services, financial management policy development, management of financial service provider relationships and other treasury services providers; cash forecasting; long-term debt issuance, administration of long-term debt and associated internal bank and leasing programs; and compliance oversight for PCI data security standards and long-term debt. King-Griswold is a certified treasury professional and a certified business manager. King-Griswold holds a doctorate in education from Warner School of Education and an MS in finance from Simon Business School at the University of Rochester. King-Griswold has been a frequent presenter for the Treasury Institute Symposium, AFP, EACUBO, and several banks.

John H. Augustine

Managing Director, Barclays

John H. Augustine, managing director, leads the Barclays Higher Education, Academic Medical Center, and Non-Profit Finance Group. Augustine's approach to investment banking is characterized by ongoing service and support across a broad spectrum of financial matters.  A Fulbright scholar at Oxford University, Augustine holds a B.A. from Wheaton College (IL), a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, and an MBA in finance from Yale.


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Real Estate and Venture Capital-Fueled Innovation for the Future Campus
Recorded 05/16/2023  |  56 minutes
Recorded 05/16/2023  |  56 minutes