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CPE Instructions

On October 20, 2023, NACUBO transitioned to a new learning management system and updated the steps to earn CPE credit during live online events.

Please review the instructions below and email with questions prior to attending an online event.


Online events are held in Zoom. If you don’t have Zoom downloaded on your device, you can download Zoom here. You do not need to create a Zoom account to attend.

If attending for CPE credit, we suggest using Zoom on a computer, rather than a phone or tablet.

Find and Join the Online Event

To join the Zoom room, you will first navigate to the page for that event in the Online Learning Center. There are several ways to locate the page for your event:

Once you are on the page for that event, you will:

(1) Select the title of the event under the Content tab.

(2) Click the Enter Webinar or Enter Session button. This button will become available 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Screenshot of Enter Webinar button

(3) Click Open Link if prompted by your browser.

Screenshot of open link for Zoom

Earn CPE Credit

You must attend an online event live through your NACUBO account to earn credit. CPE credit cannot be earned for watching the recording or attending live through a colleague's account.

After you have attended the online event, the following three steps for CPE credit will become available. All CPE steps are completed under the Content tab on the same page you used to join the live event (refer to the Find and Join Online Event section above).

You have until 5 pm ET on the following business day after the event to complete these steps or report a technical issue with our site to Review the "CPE Info" tab on the event page to confirm the CPE deadline for that event.

Step 1: Pass the CPE Codeword Quiz

Throughout the event, a moderator will post codewords in the Zoom chat at random times. Each codeword will be displayed for five minutes and then removed.

Keep the chat open throughout the event and write down these codewords for later use. To open the chat in Zoom, click the Chat icon at the bottom of the Zoom window.

chat in Zoom room

After the event has ended, you will take the CPE codeword quiz. To complete the quiz, you will:

(1) Select CPE Codeword Quiz, under the Earn CPE Credit heading.

(2) Review the requirements for passing. You can miss up to two codewords and still earn credit for the event. You have one attempt to pass the quiz.

(3) Click the Take Quiz button.

take quiz button on event page

(4) Select the correct codewords from the multiple-choice questions. You can select “I don’t know” for up to two questions.

(5) Click Submit at the bottom of the quiz window.

submit button on quiz

(6) Click Submit again on the confirmation screen.

quiz confirmation screen

(7) Click OK on the results screen.

If you pass the quiz, you will unlock Step 2. If you do not pass the quiz, you will not earn CPE credit for this event.

quiz results

Step 2: Submit CPE Check-Out Code

After the event is over, a check-out code will be posted in the chat and displayed on a slide for 15 minutes.


To submit the check-out code, you will:

(1) Click CPE Check-Out Code.

(2) Type in the correct code in the textbox. You can click the eye icon to view what you typed and double-check it is correct.

(3) Click the Submit Verification Code button.


(4) Click OK on the results screen.

check-out code verification screen

If you entered the correct code, you will unlock Step 3. If you did not enter the correct code, you have additional attempts to re-submit the code. Double-check that you are using the correct capitalization (upper or lower case) and that no additional spaces were added after the code.

Step 3: Download Your CPE Certificate

Download and keep a copy of your CPE certificate for your records.

(1) Click CPE Certificate.

(2) Click the View/Print Certificate button.

print certificate pop-up

(3) Click Print This Page at the top of the pop-up.


(4) Select Microsoft Print to PDF as the destination and then click Print.


If you lose your certificate, you can return to the event page to download it again within one year or go to My Certificates in the side navigation and click View/Print Certificate under the title of the event.

certificates page

Why This Process

We at NACUBO are proud to offer continuing professional education (CPE) credits for many of our programs by maintaining qualified sponsorship with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). To remain in good standing, our programs must comply with NASBA's standards, which outline certain requirements for online learners.  

These requirements include maintaining proof that learners who earned credit—  

  1. Viewed the entire program. Your online learning dashboard records when you access the Zoom link. To show that you stayed until the end, we provide a check-out code in the Zoom chat and on a slide after the program has ended. Entering the check-out code after the program updates our records to show that you remained in the Zoom room for the duration of the program and satisfies NASBA’s attendance requirements (standard 3.4). 
  2. Engaged with the online learning platform at least three times per credit and/or twice per half credit at random intervals. For example, for a 75-minute webinar, NASBA requires learners to show participation in the Zoom room five times (standards S16-02, S16-03, and S24-04). To satisfy this requirement, we release short CPE codewords in the chat at random times throughout the program for you to record and then select from a multiple-choice quiz after the program. We release additional codewords so that you can miss up to two and still earn credit for an online event. This method allows you to earn credit regardless of typing or spelling and allows our records to show that you were engaged at the time each codeword was released.  

Why Our Current Methods Benefit You  

This method allows you to earn your credit and download your certificate as soon as you enter the codewords and check-out code into your online learning dashboard. This way, you don’t have to wait up to three weeks for NACUBO staff to manually process your participation data and sync it to your dashboard.  

While we understand this process can be cumbersome at times, we intend to revisit and revise our CPE processes as Zoom and our learning management system evolve their features. In the meantime, we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to offer the best online programs while maintaining compliance with NASBA standards.