Online Learning

Self-Paced Courses

NACUBO provides course content that you can complete on your own time. After registering, you will have access to the course for two years.

Self-Study Courses

Self-study courses provide hours of content through in-depth modules and workbooks. CPE credit is available for select self-study courses at this time.

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    Time to Complete: 10–12 Hours

    CPE Available: 12 Credits in Finance

    The Strategic Higher Education Finance and Planning course is designed to enable business officers and other higher education administrators to think more strategically about their work and to be better prepared to contribute meaningfully to the future of their institutions.

  • Time to Complete: 3 Hours

    The Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Short Form course is for schools preparing the facilities and administrative (F&A) short form as prescribed in Office of Management and Budget (OMB) 2 CFR 200. This course provides an overview of relevant cost accounting standards and describes the F&A cost pools and rate calculation. 

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    Time to Complete: 4 Hours

    The Essentials of College and University Accounting teaches the basic principles and practices involved in accounting and reporting for the financial activities of a college or university.

    NOTE: The current iteration of the Essentials of College and University Accounting course is currently undergoing its regular review cycle to check for content accuracy and timeliness. References and best practices referenced within may be outdated due to regular FASB/GASB compliance updates.

Microlearning Courses

Microlearning courses provide short, focused videos that you can fit into your workflow. Microlearning courses offer CPE credit.

The microlearning project at NACUBO is a recipient of the 2019 ASAE Foundation Innovation Grant.

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    Time to Complete: 50–75 minutes

    CPE Available: 1 Credit in Management Services

    The Facilities Management course is designed to offer foundational knowledge and insight into one of the largest administrative units and largest assets operated by colleges and universities. This course features content from NACUBO's core reference manual, College and University Business Administration, and explores facilities topics deemed of most value by subject matter experts.

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    Time to Complete: 50 minutes

    CPE Available: 1 Credit in Finance

    The Endowment Fundamentals course explores the roles and responsibilities related to endowments, growing endowments through fundraising, and fiduciary and policy responsibilities.

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    Time to Complete: 60 minutes

    CPE Available: 1 Credit in Specialized Knowledge

    The New to Higher Education course provides an overview of the complexities and nuances of navigating a college or university environment. It is designed for business officers at all levels who have worked in higher education for fewer than three years—whether you have started your first job or transitioned into higher education from another industry.

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    Time to Complete: 10 minutes

    CPE Available: 0.2 Credits in Personal Development

    This short course on Leadership Competencies for a Chief Business Officer provides advice on understanding communication, honesty, trust, and relationships as well as preparing for the unexpected.