Using Enrollment to Predict Tuition Revenue

Using Enrollment to Predict Tuition Revenue

Recorded On: 09/12/2023


Colleges and universities are constantly juggling competing priorities and meeting pressures from competition, the economic climate, and changes in student behaviors. Higher tuition rates and lower enrollment prospects can be daunting, and a looming recession raises questions about the future of higher education. Strategic decision-making becomes even more difficult without a systematic way to predict future revenues.

In this webinar, Bob Courtland, senior solutions engineer at Euna Solutions, walks through how colleges and universities can accurately use enrollment forecasting models to project anticipated revenues and student counts. This method can help inform institutional decision-making and put the institution in a better position to plan effectively. Attendees can learn about the difficulties of forecasting enrollment, the benefits of implementing models to project enrollment, and the ways that technology can play a role in better anticipating revenue.


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Bob Courtland

Senior Solutions Engineer

Euna Solutions

Bob Courtland is a senior solutions engineer with Euna Solutions. He has a long history of working with software solutions across various technology companies and has a background in policy analysis with an M.A. in public administration.


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Using Enrollment to Predict Tuition Revenue
Recorded 09/12/2023  |  57 minutes
Recorded 09/12/2023  |  57 minutes

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